Homeday Studio is the creative space of Lesley Hill, and her adventures in modern quilting, sewing, and punch needle design. Lesley believes your home should be a haven, and that a day at home  is one of the most delightful things.  

Homeday quilts are made to be used: sleep with them, make forts with them, picnic on them, snuggle up with them. Our quilts are made slowly, by hand… with a little help from a sewing machine.  Made entirely in Canada (experts in cozy).

Maker hands


Lesley is a life-long quilter, coffee addict, proud feminist and lover of modern design. Originally trained in industrial sewing and pattern drafting, she now works as a part-time public health nurse, part-time crafter, mom of two, and occasional superhero. 

Lesley lives in Guelph, Ontario with her family.

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Lesley Hill