About Homeday Studio

Homeday is a small-batch, independent studio that designs and creates modern quilts from start to finish. Homeday quilts are made to be used: sleep with them, make forts with them, picnic on them, snuggle up with them. We believe your home should be a haven, and that a day at home is one of the most delightful things.  

Homeday quilts are made slowly, by hand… with a little help from a sewing machine.  Made entirely in Canada (experts in cozy).

Maker hands


Homeday Studio is created and run by Lesley Hill, a life-long sewist, coffee addict, and lover of modern design.  Lesley began quilting almost 15 years ago: sentimental and textile-obsessed, she was looking for heirloom-quality quilts in bold colours and graphic patterns that she could give as wedding presents and baby gifts.  Unable to find quilts that would fit in her friends’ modern homes, she starting making them herself and eventually, Homeday Studio was born. 

Lesley lives in Guelph, Ontario with her family.

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Product photography by Camilla B. Photography & Brand Design.