An easy pegboard DIY that will delight your inner neat freak

May 02, 2018

An easy pegboard DIY that will delight your inner neat freak

I have a long-standing obsession with pegboard walls. The pegboard wall at Homeday Studio (above) is one of my very favourite things about our space.  Perhaps it's my love of mise en place (a french culinary phrase for “everything in its place”) or the graphic minimalism of those tiny grid-like circles, but I think there’s a place for a pegboard wall in every home.  Read on for some simple tips for installing a pegboard wall in your creative space.

1. Buy and Paint. Pegboard panels are available at your local hardware or lumber store, and come pre-cut in many different sizes.  For the panel above my sewing desk, I used a 24" by 48" pegboard panel, and painted it with a roller in Benjamin Moore Hale Navy.  I'd recommend using spray paint or a spray gun instead, otherwise you'll end up, like me, filling in all 1152 holes with a tiny artist brush where the colour was missed by the roller (uh… neurotic, I know).  Alternatively, you can save a bit of your sanity, and leave the pegboard in its unpainted state (usually white or brown hardboard).

2. Hang it.  When you’re mounting your pegboard, don’t hang it directly against the wall.  Shimming the pegboard out from the wall allows space for the back of your pegboard hooks.  We stacked six 3/8" washers in each corner to shim out the pegboard from the wall.  I also stacked some felt floor protector pads halfway along the top & bottom of the panel so it wouldn't bow inwards. 

Pegboard wall in sewing space

3. Accessorize. Now for the fun part!  I used standard pegboard accessories from the garage organization section of my local big box hardware store.  A few other things to try: rest a dowel between 2 hooks for ribbon or washi tape storage; drill holes in plastic containers and hang on a hook for pen/marker/plant storage, use 2 L-shaped hooks to set a framed print on.  

That's it! Give it a try- you'll love tidying up after yourself, I promise. 

Craft space organization

Looking for more ideas?  Here's more pegboard inspiration from around the web.

A pretty pink pegboard for your kitchen.

Pegboard wall in kitchen

For the true DIYer, I love this minimalist pegboard wall organizer.

DIY Pegboard wall organizer

Pegboard & plants- why not?  Such a beautiful living focal point.

Pegboard house plants

You know it's a good idea when IKEA starts making it.  Check out the new SKADIS line of pegboard walls and accessories.

Ikea Pegboard wall organizer

 Convinced? Good. Happy Organizing! 

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