How to Hang a Quilt

March 07, 2018

Hanging a quilt

We love how quilts look on walls- they’re a great alternative to a gallery wall, don’t require framing, and can cover a large space with a lot of impact.  Read on for our favourite ways to hang a quilt.

Method #1: Bulldog Clips & Hanging Nails (or clear 3M Command Hooks for the commitment-phobic). Attach bulldog clips every 6-8 inches along the top of your quilt and hang them up on finishing nails (we used these pretty clips in gold for a little sparkle). This method is best for hanging smaller quilts, and know that long-term hanging with bulldog clips could leave permanent crimps on your quilt.  

Bulldog clips

Hanging quilt with clips


Method #2: Hanging Sleeve with Wood Bar.  This option requires a bit more work and planning, but will give you a professional gallery-style look. Here's what you'll need:

  • Two small eyelet screws and finishing nails
  • A piece of wood approximately 1.5 to 3 inches wide and 1/4 inch thick. We used a piece of pine trim from our local hardware store and had them cut it to size for us.  (Insider tip- check that your piece of wood is nice and straight before you bring it home)
  • Sandpaper
  • Handsaw (if you plan to cut your wood yourself)
  • Level (or a friend to help you get things straight)
  • Pencil for marking  
  • Hammer
  • Measuring tape
  • A hanging sleeve sewn on the back of your quilt (Here at Homeday Studio, we can do that for you. Choose the "Add a hanging sleeve" option when you shop our collection.  Most quilt shops also offer this service).
      What you'll need to hang a quilt


      Step 1: Cut your wood.  Most hardware stores are happy to do this for you or DIY it at home with a handsaw.  Cut your wood piece so that it’s slightly longer than your hanging sleeve, but doesn’t extend past the edge of your quilt.  Smooth the cut edges with sandpaper so they don’t snag on your quilt.

      Step 2: Screw your eyelet fasteners into the ends of the wood.  We did this by hand, but it you’re having trouble, use pliers or insert a pencil into the hole of the eyelet while you turn.

      Mounting a quilt

      Step 3: Feed your wood bar through the hanging sleeve.

      Hanging Quilt Sleeve

      Step 4: Decide on where you want to hang your quilt.  Avoid hanging it in a spot where it receives direct sunlight- this could cause your quilt to fade.

      Step 5: Hang your quilt.  We found it easiest to hang one side first, then mark the hole for the other side after checking that it was level.  Remember, quilts aren’t made by robots, so they may not be 100% square.  Have a friend help you double check that it’s hanging the way you want it.

      Quilt Sleeve

       Wohoo- you did it!  You’re so capable.  Pour yourself a cup of tea, and admire your work.

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      Grey Hanging Quilt

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