Free Pattern: Punch Needle Grapefruit

October 05, 2019

Free Pattern: Punch Needle Grapefruit

Today I’m sharing a free pattern with you: my punch needle grapefruit! This is one of the first things I made with my punch needle and is a great project for beginners.

When you’re done punching your grapefruit you could turn it into a stuffie like I did (‘cause who doesn’t need a plush grapefruit to snuggle with?) or fill in the background and turn it into a wall-hanging. Depending on how speedy you are, this grapefruit can be completed in an hour or two.

For this pattern you’ll need:

  • Foundation material such as monk’s cloth
  • A frame for punching
  • A punch needle (I used the #10 regular Oxford Punch Needle)
  • Grapefruit template (print at 100% or resize to the dimensions of your choosing)
  • A dissolving marking pen or pencil for tracing out the pattern
  • Yarn (choose size #5 bulky weight yarn for this project)

 For my grapefruit I used:

FYI- All the supplies you need to punch a grapefruit of your own can be found in this kit (select the pink & gold option for the right colour palette).

Punch needle grapefruit

 Making your Grapefruit:

If you’re using the 10” No-Slip hoop that’s included in my beginner kit, I’d recommend printing out the pattern at 100% (no scaling). Otherwise, feel free to enlarge or reduce the pattern to the size of your choosing- I think a giant version of this would look great as a living room cushion for summer! Download the PDF pattern here.

After you’ve traced the pattern onto your framed monk’s cloth, begin by outlining then filling in the pink segments, then outline and fill in the white segment walls. Next, outline then fill in the yellow rind of your grapefruit. If you want to create a wall hanging, fill in the background with the yarn colour of your choice. For the background in the wall hanging below, I used Alafoss Lopi in Denim Heather and punched the grapefruit with a loop stitch (loop side facing out) for a soft and textured look. In contrast, I used a flat stitch (loop side facing in) when I made my grapefruit stuffy.

If you’d like to turn your grapefruit into a plush stuffie, follow the instructions in this tutorial. If you’d like to make a circular wall hanging, check out this post for more information. Find instructions on choosing supplies, preparing your frame, and making stitches with your punch needle in my ebook Drawing with Yarn: A Beginner’s Guide to Punch Needle.

If you make a punch needle grapefruit I would love to see it! Share your work by tagging me @homedaystudio on Instagram and use the hashtag #stayhomeandpunchneedle. Happy punching!

Grapefruit punch needle wall hanging

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